A person using a data analysis application.


Our core belief at Concordus Apps is DATA IS GOLD. However, just like the mineral, Data needs to be mined, polished and show-cased before it becomes an invaluable asset. This is all we do.

We provide the biggest asset for an organization right information delivered in the right format and at the right time.

Our technology and service transforms the way our Customers make decisions. We combine data, technology and analytics to give our Customers a competitive edge.

We help our Customers rethink and reinvent their strategy by understanding their business data. Decisions taken thus are backed by in-depth quantitative analysis and not influenced by emotions, popular sentiment, trends or old habits.

Some Popular Use Cases

Illustration of analytic icons.

Sentiment Analysis

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A happy woman in a team meeting.

360-Degree view of the Customer

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A woman looking at a wall of illustrated icons related to data analysis.

Ad Hoc Big Data Analysis

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A person working on at their desk with a smart device.

Benefits of Real-Time Analytics

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