Ecosystems for Business Outcomes

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Custom Software Development

When "Out-of-the-Box" Just Won't Cut It.

With the explosion of SaaS and cloud applications, you'd think there's a software for anything.  Your business use case is unique, with many years of following a process or workflow, that many off the shelf softwares may not be able to accomodate.  Changing process can be disrputive, and risky.  When you can't find an applicaiton that's just right for your use case, we'll build it!
Custom software application development for enterprises

Enterprise Cloud Integration

Making Applications Play Nice Together.

What's the use of having Big Data from disparate business apllications if you can't use that data to improve business outcomes?  How do you gain productivity and efficiency if each application has its own process, and the only way they work together is the "swivel chair integration"?  We bring applications to create a cohesive ecosystem that ensures your data silos are history!  
Software, Cloud Application, and Ecosystem integration services

Hosted Business Software

Your Business Processes, as a Service

Building, managing, and maintaining the software that enables your critical business processes is a complex job with a lot of moving parts.  Security, compliance, maintenance, oh my!  Your IT staff should be focused on supporting the needs of their stakeholders instead of the more transactiona tasks? Let your IT deptertment  focus on their core responsibilities.  We'll handle the rest.  
Hosted business software and applications, BSSs for telcos